Website Development

From Concept

Every website begins with an idea, a need, some sort of focus, and a desired outcome. Do you want to introduce yourself or your team to a larger audience? Discuss what you do? Explain your business process? Raise money for a cause?

Whatever it is, that is what should shape the design and function of your website. And that's where we begin.


Assess client needs . . . who is the website for? What actions are desired?


Collect: the business process, the stories, the images, and the outcomes. Or, if a non-profit, the need and the solution the organization delivers.


Create first draft of the website design; submit for client feedback


Incorporate client feedback and adjust the design accordingly. Go live!

To Working Site

Once the concept for the site has been established, then we gather all the content: body copy, images, videos, links, and whatever else will be included in the site. A first draft of the design is produced and submitted for client feedback. Once that feedback is obtained, the site design is tuned to conform to the feedback and when ready, the site goes live.

Click on the image to the right to watch a walk through of a site design.