I'm Mark Goode. Thanks for visiting my site! I'm an entrepreneur, a businessman, and I've been producing content for two decades. For the past six years I've focused on developing websites and producing podcasts, some for my firms and many for others.

While building websites, I've learned a few things along the way . . . how to make a site "sticky," how not to overwhelm the visitor with too much information (TMI, it's a thing), and how to keep them coming back for more.

Podcasts are powerful because listeners will connect with the hosts and guests. It's a marvelous way to connect with people, whether a prospect or someone in your community that you'd like to reach.


Years as an entrepreneur. Businessman. Non-profit volunteer. Creative.

150 +

Episodes produced. Monologues. Interviews. Local. Remote. National. International. For-profit. Non-profit.

12,536 +

Podcast episodes downloaded


Visitors to websites I've designed, delivered, and supported.

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You've waited. You've thought about it. You've done the trade offs. You've watched others get in the game. You've seen your website (if you have one) grow old and stale. You've listened to podcasts and asked "Why don't I do this?"

Why not, indeed? Do it.

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